Save Blessing Child Home
Giving underprivileged children a brighter future
Namaste and welcome!

We are an organisation based in Kathmandu, Nepal, that is dedicated to providing underprivileged children with opportunities for a brighter future.

The majority of children that come to stay at our orphanage are victims of the caste system, or have lost their families due to a variety of reasons.
Many children in Nepal are not given equal opportunities due to their social status, and do not have access to proper nutrition, health care, education, etc.

We attack these social problems by providing the children with a loving home, food and education.We are committed to fostering a healthy and equal living environment for every child, and view it as an opportunity to build a stronger and more tolerant nation.

What we are trying to accomplish for these children is only possible with the help of your generous donations.
This grassroots charity was founded by Kamal Bishowkarma and has grown and blossomed with the dedication of several generous donors from abroad. Donations are welcomed from citizens of all nations, and our objective is to build awareness internationally.
This will help our organisation to grow and will provide us with the funds to help more neglected children in Nepal.

On this webpage, you will find information about our philosophy and goals, the children, that currently stay with us, the staff, our daily life from our every day routine to special activities and how you can get involved making this project a success.

Make sure you do not miss our children's profiles, giving you the chance to get to know these great kids. Feel free to browse through the pictures of the orphanage and don't hesitate to contact us,if you have any questions or remarks.

the SBCH
Save Blessing Child Home